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ემოციური და ქცევითი გავლენები : რიდერი / შემდგენელი ეკატერინე ფირცხალავა.

ფირცხალავა, ეკატერინე , შემდგენელი. (ავტორობით).
პუბლიკაციის გამოსახულება

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მესამე კორპუსის სამკითხველო დარბაზი 159.019.43 :364.624 ე-62 900001860368 Stacks ხელმისაწვდომია -

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ზოგადი შენიშვნა: CD
სარჩევი Adverse Childhood Experiences, Alcoholic Parents, and Later Risk of Alcoholism and Depression / Anda, R. F., Whitfield, C. L., Felitti, V. J., Chapman, D., Edwards, V. J., Dube, S. R., & Williamson, D. F -- Motivational underpinnings of social influence in work settings: Bases of social power and the need for cognitive closure / Pierro, A., Kruglanski, A. W., & Raven, B. H. -- Changing behavior with normative feedback interventions: A field experiment on curbside recycling / P. Wesley Schultz -- Collective Emotions in Conflict Situations: Societal Implications / Bar‐Tal, D., Halperin, E., & De Rivera, J. -- Emotional influence at work: Take it EASI / Van Kleef, G. A., Homan, A. C., & Cheshin, A. -- Emotion in inter-group relations / Aarti Iyer & Colin Wayne Leach -- Emotion is for influence / Gerben A. Van Kleef , Evert A. Van Doorn , Marc W. Heerdink & Lukas F. Koning -- Emotional reactions to deviance in groups: the relation between number of angry reactions, felt rejection, and conformity / Marc W. Heerdink1, Gerben A. van Kleef1, Astrid C. Homan and Agneta H. Fischer1 -- Emotional influence in groups: the dynamic nexus of affect, cognition, and behavior / Gerben A van Kleef, Marc W Heerdink and Astrid C Homan -- Unfolding political attitudes through the face: facial expressions when reading emotion language of left- and right-wing political leaders / Fino, E., Menegatti, M., Avenanti, A., & Rubini, M -- On angry leaders and agreeable followers: How leaders’ emotions and followers’ personalities shape motivation and team performance / Van Kleef, G. A., Homan, A. C., Beersma, B., & van Knippenberg, D. -- Managing social norms for persuasive impact / Robert B. Cialdini , Linda J. Demaine , Brad J. Sagarin , Daniel W. Barrett , Kelton Rhoads & Patricia L. Winter -- Mood and Emotions in Small Groups and Work Teams / Kelly, J. R., & Barsade, S. G -- Neuromarketing Research Practices: Attitudes, Ethics, and Behavioral Intentions / Bakardjieva, E., & Kimmel, A. J -- Informational nudges as an effective approach in raising awareness among young adults about the risk of future disability / LINDA MIESLER, CORINNE SCHERRER, ROGER SEILER and ANGELA BEARTH -- Multiple Levels of Social Disadvantage and Links to Obesity in Adolescence and Young Adulthood / Lee, H., Harris, K. M., & Lee, J. -- Presidential speechmaking style: Emotional response to micro-expressions of facial affect / Patrick A. Stewart Æ Bridget M. Waller Æ James N. Schubert -- A Focus Theory of Normative Conduct: Recycling the Concept of Norms to Reduce Littering in Public Places / Cialdini, R. B., Reno, R. R., & Kallgren, C. A -- Social influence in the theory of planned behaviour: The role of descriptive, injunctive, and in-group norms / Katherine M. White Joanne R. Smith Deborah J. Terry Jaimi H. Greenslade3 and Blake M. McKimmie -- A Focus Theory of Normative Conduct: When Norms Do and Do Not Affect Behavior / Carl A. Kallgren Raymond R. Reno Robert B. Cialdini
თემა: ქცევის ფსიქოლოგია.
ემოციური პრობლემები.

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